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Chef Lindsay Chaloux

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Chef and Owner of
MDI Girl Pasta Company

Lindsay's first cooking lesson in Rome, at the age of 12 sparked a life long love of creating simple food made in the old ways.  


Lindsay grew up on Mount Desert Island Maine in the town of Bar Harbor. Though she loved her small town she left to pursue her dreams and received a Culinary Arts Management degree at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Working in the food industry she has had the opportunity to frequently return to Italy and continue her education in Italian cuisine.

Now, Lindsay has come home to Maine, creating fresh pastas that are inspired by the beauty and fresh ingredients found around Acadia National park and  the traditional cooking techniques of Italy.

Frequently asked Questions

Is your pasta Vegan?

No, it contains eggs. The reason why we use eggs in our recipe is not only does it help with texture and acts as a binder, but it improves flavor and nutritional value as well.

Do you do shipping?

Yes, we will ship. If you're interested in having pasta shipped to you, please call us directly and we will assist you. Because it is a frozen product, we have to choose a Next Day Air rate and pack it with dry ice to make sure it gets to you ok.

Do you have gluten free options?

Yes, we currently have gluten-free gnocchi using Caputo gluten free flour blend. We are still testing more options. We will usually sell limited batches at the farmer's market in both Bar Harbor on Sundays and Northeast Harbor on Thursdays.

Where can I find your pasta?

We sell our pasta at local MDI Farmer's Markets such as Eden (Bar Harbor) and Northeast Harbor during the busy summer season. We also sell our pasta at local retailers which you can find under our Find our Pasta tab. You can also arrange for local curbside pick-up if you go into our online store. 

Is the pasta fresh or frozen?

We make fresh pasta, but because of it containing little to no preservatives, we will store the pasta frozen. The pasta will last in the refrigerator between 24-48 hours, then it begins to oxidize. We highly recommend keeping it frozen and it will last in the freezer for at least 6 months.

I would like to try some of the more unique pasta options, but what can I do with them?

The great thing about the more creative pasta flavors is that you don't really have to add a lot to them. Check out the recipe section of our website. there are some nice, easy and quick recipes. We also love it when our customers bring out their inner foodie and share pictures of their own creations to our Facebook page.

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